New shape of international cooperation: Institutional Frame for Sustainable Development

Press Release

  • Economic Growth

  • International Management System for Sustainable Development Goals   (SDGs are international coordination system, not discourse)

  • Institutionalization of the Web

  • Harmonization of rights and freedoms in the information society and the Digital Economy

  • Ending the war in the Donbas

  • Deployment of the Commodity Distribution Network "Lisbon - Seoul"




Pilot operation completed. Registered digital entities
(& start-ups) are available to users

 Ukraine's contribution  to the World Development and  European Leadership 
"Europe will continue to be big on big matters…" The Sibiu Declaration (May 9, 2019)


Project: "World Economic Growth: European Leadership, Development of Democracy,
Co-Evolution of Business, Nature and Society"

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International Declaration


Profit Model


International Agreement